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Separate Libraries for all three blocks Library

The college has separate libraries for all three blocks. It has a collection of 36741 books and has subscribed to 90 Journals and magazines and 23 newspapers. The browsing centre gives access to e-learning resources. The library remains open from 9am to 4pm on working days and provides a number of services including Opac, INFLIBNET, Book Bank Facility, Reprography, Downloading, Printing, user orientation and awareness assistance in searching database and facility of bar coding.


About the Library

  • Books ExibitionThe institution is proud of having a rich library. There are 36741 books and 90 journals and magazines in the library at present. Faculty members are asked to provide demand list for books as per the requirement of the syllabi of various courses and additional books are procured well in time. Displaying new arrivals and circulation of the lists is ensured. Both teachers and students have an easy access to the library for their knowledge upgradation.
  • E-learning facility is also available in the library. The browsing centre operating in the library has desktop computers and internet facility. INFLIBNET facility is available for faculty and students to access e-journals
  • Total area of the library (in sq Mts.): 300.22 sq.mts.
  • Total Seating capacity: 160.
  •  Working hours: Library staff remains available in the library from 9 am to 4 pm on all working days. The timing is same even for examination days and vacations. The Library remains closed on all gazetted holidays.

The library staff provides the following support services to the faculty and the students

  • Reprographic facility.
  • Internet facility.
  • Support in e-learning, computer operation.
  • Needy students get books issued for the whole session/ semester.
  • In-house binding facility.
  • Assistance in accessing e-resources.
  • The library staff is always ready to assist students and staff in locating books.
  • Book Bank facility for needy and deserving students.