Welcome to PCM S.D College Jalandhar

Mid Semester Examinations:

  • First Mid Semester Examination — September 2018
  • Second Mid Semester Examination — March 2019

The exact dates will be notified later on.
Note: A student is advised to appear in all the papers. Absence or leave from an examination for whatever reason means nil result and may lead to detention.

Eligibility Conditions For Appearing In University/Board Examination

Admission to a class does not entitle a student to sit for a University/Board Examination unless she fulfils the following conditions

  • 75% Attendance in classes
  • Minimum marks, that is, 25% in the mid—semester tests (in aggregate)

Condonation of Shortage of Lectures:

  • The Principal can condone shortage in lectures only as specified by the University/Board Arts Classes and M.A. Classes upto 15% of lectures actually attended by the student in subject or in paper of a subject including practical.
  • Commerce/Science Classes must have upto 10% of the lectures delivered in each paper.
  • Condonation is not automatic. It is not the right of a student but it can be allowed only after screening each case to see if the grounds are legitimate.

Leave Rules

  • Students should apply for leave when absolutely necessary and should secure it personally at least two days before it is availed of.
  • Leave must be applied on the prescribed form (available at the college accounts office) duly signed by father/guardian.
  • Except in case of sudden illness, leave shall not be granted after it has been availed of.
  • Application for Sick leave must be accompanied by Medical Certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner and should be submitted within three days.
  • Leave upto three days will be sanctioned by the tutor concerned. Leave for more than three days must be got sanctioned personally from the Principal.


  • The students on the rolls of the college must be regular in attendance. A student who is habitually irregular may be dropped from the rolls of the college by the Principal. The students should be punctual in attending every period.
  • The students are required to attend at least 75% of the lectures delivered in each subject.
  • The name of the student who remains absent without applying for leave for fifteen consecutive days will stand struck off the rolls of the college.
  • When the name of a student has been struck off the college rolls, for whatever reason, she will not be allowed to attend classes. She should seek re-admission otherwise she is likely to fall short of lectures.
  • The lecture statements will be prepared after each term by the office and the guardian of students, who fall short of lectures, will be informed accordingly.

Academic and General Prizes

  • Gold Medals to students standing first in the Board/University Examination.
  • Medals to students securing upto first ten positions in the University Merit List or 1% of the number of students appearing in the University.
  • Gold Medal to the Noble Girl and to the All-Round Best Student.
  • Shields to the Best Scholar, Best Students of all PG Departments, Best Speaker, Best Vocalist, Best Instrumentalist, Best NSS Volunteers, Best NCC Cadet attending National integration Camps.
  • Shields for Regular Prayer Recital.
  • Merit Certificates.
  • Best Central Association Workers, Best Home-Science Worker, Players winning distinction at University, State and National Level andNCC Cadets.
  •  Academic Prizes and Certificates to the Best Contributors of every Section of the college Magazine `Govind’.
  • Certificates to Editors of every section of the College Magazine `Govind’.
  • Academic Prizes and Certificates to the students having 100% attendance in the Session.
  • Academic Prizes and Certificates to the Regular Readers in Library.
  • Academic Prizes and Certificates to the Top Positions in College in the University Examination.
  • Academic Prizes and Certificates to the Top Positions in aggregate in the Mid-Semester Examination.

Note:  In last two points, students should secure at least 50% marks in aggregate.

Code of Conduct

  • The students are expected to maintain discipline, regularity and punctuality.
  • In their dealings with the members of the staff, fellow students, visitors, the clerical staff and the class-IV employees, they are expected to behave gently and politely.
  • Students are not allowed to leave till the 6th period or till their time table schedule is over.
  • The students must help in keeping the college campus and their classrooms neat and clean. They must make use of dust bins for throwing pieces of waste paper, peels etc.
  • “The college is ours”- the students are to develop this feeling in their mind and help in keeping the College property in good shape. They should not tamper with electricity fittings and must switch off the fans and lights before leaving the classrooms.
  • Students are not allowed to write anything whatsoever on the Notice board, walls of the building, doors and windows.
  • No student is allowed to involve the name and campus of the college in any publication or outside activity without prior permission of the Principal.
  • Use of mobile phone in the campus by the students is strictly prohibited.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited