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Mission Fateh symbolises the resolve of the people of Punjab to halt the spread of the Novel Coronavirus through discipline, cooperation and compassion. Discipline in observing all precautions, cooperation with the state government by faithfully abiding by the lockdown restrictions and compassion towards the poor by helping them and giving them aid. It is the true reflection of the Punjabi spirit that can overcome all odds to emerge victorious.

In order to create awareness about the COVID-19 especially at a time when a lockdown is released but the fight against Coronavirus is still on, a one-month long awareness drive has been initiated. In the month of June, the state government will create awareness about 11 things: 

  1. Wearing masks
  1. Washing hands
  1. Maintaining social distancing
  1. Taking care of the elderly
  1. Remaining vigilant about entry of outsiders in the locality
  1. Use of COVA App to track patients of the virus and maintaining a safe distance from them
  1. Importance of home quarantine
  1. Symptoms of the flu and action thereafter
  1. Restrictions during Lockdown 5.0 and penalties /fines in case of violations
  1. Community mobilisation to jointly fight against the pandemic
  1. Emphasising that the threat of the virus has not diminished, rather it has become more menacing.

We as institute felt it is our moral duty to boost the steps taken by Punjab Government.

Here are the few effective steps taken by our college regarding the action plan to spread the awareness about Mission Fateh.

1. We have been regularly transmitting the messages on Mission Fateh to students through various media like whatsapp messages, website etc. We reached our students to make them understand the precautionary measures to overcome the pandemic and spread the message to others in the society.

2. We made it mandatory to all the students to download the COVA app and understand its features through zoom classes and videos.


3. Students of our college participated in the various Mission Warriors contest listing the few:

  •  Poster Making organized by the B.A/B.Ed department on the theme of ‘COVID 19′.
  • “Awareness Message Contest” organized by the Youth Club on the theme of COVID-19.
  • “Offline V/S Online Classes a session among students was organized by The f
    Youth Club.














4. During the online classes teachers have been regularly mentioning about Mission Fateh faithfully abiding the guidelines of the Mission. Teachers regularly communicate with the students to follow all the instructions and guidelines under the Mission and create awareness among them. ‘

5. College website has been updated with a mention of details of Mission Fateh with the motive of accelerating the Mission Fateh. We feel it’s the duty of all of us to stand with the endeavour started by our Worthy Chief Minister with compassion and discipline.


6. Any message circulated by the college always had a footnote to create the awareness among the masses to ” Stay Home Stay Healthy ”.