The PG Dept. of Commerce & Management celebrated 24th July as the Income Tax Day. The main motive behind the celebration of the day was to propagate the importance of paying tax. The speaker on the occasion was Mrs. Priya Mahajan, Assistant Professor in Commerce, The students were explained about the mechanism of filling tax return. Another objective was to do away with the perception that income tax is a financial burden on us. It was highlighted that the tax system is in fact for the betterment and development of the nation, which has a positive impact directly as well as indirectly on us. The tax paid by us is used in delivering more facilities like education, medicine, defence and infrastructure to us. The bottom line of the whole seminar was basically to emphasise that tax is like a Karma = “What goes around, comes around.”
Mrs. Alka Sharma, Head Department of Commerce, Mrs. Shikha Puri, Incharge Commerce Club and other faculty members and the students of the department of Commerce were part of the seminar. Principal Dr. Kiran Arora appreciated the efforts of the department for celebrating such days.