Jalandhar August 1 (Jaswinder Azad)- PG Department of Commerce and Management organized a seminar on Acturial Valuation and Career in the industry as Actuary in the college auditorium. The seminar began with a green welcome to the guests by Madam Mrs. Alka Sharma, Head, Department of Commerce in management. The guest speaker for the seminar was Mr. Akshay Chauhan, founder Sankhjiki Institute accompanied by Mr. Ravinder Pal Singh and the faculty members. The seminar was attended by the students of department of Commerce, Economics and Mathematics. The main focus of the seminar was to make the students aware about how they can make a career being an actuary. The students were explained about the job roles in the industry ranging from private corporations, government sector, consultants in banks & investment firms. The work of an actuary involves knowledge of mathematics, probability, marketing, law, management etc. Mr. Akshay Chauhan emphasized the importance of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence as a part of Acturial Course. He highlighted that due to globalization, the demand for the experts in this profession is lagging behind the supply. The scope of having a successful career is very bright as there are only around 350 actuaries presently working in India.
Through the seminar, the students got to explore a complete new dimension of professional course that they were unaware about. The seminar was attended by the faculty members as well from the department of Commerce, Economics and Mathematics. Overall, the seminar was very informative as well as motivating for the students covering a new area about which they were unaware. Principal Dr. Kiran Arora also applauded the efforts of the department of Commerce for organizing such a seminar.