Welcome to PCM S.D College Jalandhar


The institution has separate libraries for all three blocks. The library has a rich collection of 36741 books on various subjects such as Languages, Social sciences, Commerce, Computer science, Life sciences, General knowledge and other related areas. The library has also subscribed to 90 journals and magazines and 23 newspapers.

The library has an Advisory committee comprising the following members:

  • Mrs. Sampat Trivedi (Librarian)
  • Mrs. Shashi Rampal (Head,Dept. of Fine Arts)
  • Mr. Vijay Sharma (Office Supdt.)
  • Mrs. Amarjyoti (Assistant Librarian)

The committee takes following initiatives to make the library, student / user friendly:

  • Proper allocation of the budget is ensured and new titles are added every year in consultation with the concerned departments.
  • The information regarding new arrivals is also given through the college notice board.
  • The new titles are displayed on the display boards at the entrance of the library.
  • The library staff keeps the faculty and the students updated regarding its latest acquisitions.
  • A Book Bank has been functioning in the college. It provides books to the needy and deserving students. The Book Bank is managed by a committee of teachers and library volunteers. Text books are issued to the students for the whole session. The faculty and students are encouraged to donate books to the Book Bank.
  • Old question papers of final exams in all the subjects are made available to the students.
  • It ensures the availability of latest syllabi in the library.
  • The browsing centre provides access to e-learning resources.
  • Regular upgradation of softwares and other ICT facilities is ensured.
  • The library staff is student and teacher friendly and helps them to make the best use of the resources.
  • It takes remedial actions towards grievances expressed by the faculty and students.

Features of the library

  • Total area of the library (in sq Mts.): 300.22 sq.mts
  • Total Seating capacity: 160
  • Working hours: Library staff remains available in the library from 9 am to 4 pm on all working days. The timing is same even for examination days and vacations. The Library remains closed on all gazetted holidays.

Layout of the library

  • Information section where information regarding new arrivals is displayed.
  • Reprography section where photostat facility is provided.
  • Periodical section where a good number of latest magazines are displayed.
  • Circulation section facilitates issue and return of books and reading materials.
  • Technical section includes classification, cataloging and maintenance of books.
  • Browsing section is a resource centre for the staff and students to surf internet and download material as and when required.
  • Text book section contains text books as per the syllabi.
  • Stacking area where books for each subjects are kept in separate almirahs.
  • Reference books are kept separately and are accessible to all.
  • Reading zones for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Property Counter where students can drop their bags safely.