Welcome to PCM S.D College Jalandhar

PCM S.D. College for Women, Jalandhar Feedback Proforma

Note: Feedback provided by the students will be treated as confidential. It will be used to improve the performance and quality of institutional provisions.
Put a ( ) mark of record the answer. Student may write suggestions wherever required.

1. Your main reason for joining the college:
(a) Reputation of the Teachers
(b) Availability of Course
(C) Ease in getting admission
(d) Availability of Scholarship/Stipend

2. How do you rate academic content of teaching:
(a) Very good
(b) Good
(c) Average
(d) Poor

3. How do you rate interaction with the faculty members:
(a) Very good
(b) Good
(c) Average
(d) Poor

4. Are your assignments returned in time and with suggestions for improvement:
(a) Yes
(b) No

5. Your views on fairness of evaluation in the college:
(a) Satisfied
(b) Not Satisfied

6. For learning which methods you depend on:
(a) Lectures
(b) Reading text books
(c) Practical Work/Assignments
(d) Discussions
(e) Field Work
(f) Computer/Internet

7. How do you find the transport facility of the college:
(a) Adequate
(b) Inadequate

8. How do you rate the health care facilities in the college:
(a) Adequate
(b) Inadequate
Suggestions, if any


9. Are you satisfied with the recreational and sports facilities of the college:
(a) Adequate
(b) Inadequate

10. The college canteen facilities are:
(a) Adequate
(b) Inadequate
Suggestions, if any


1. How do you rate the computer facility provided by the college:
(a) Excellent
(b) Very good
(c) Good
(d) Average

2. Are your grievances attended to ?
(a) Always
(b) Most of the times
(c) None of the times

3. How do you rate Library facilities, books and journals ? Giver your suggestions, if any
(a) Adequate
(b) Inadequate.

4. Laboratory facilities for practical work are:
(a) Adequate
(b) Inadequate.



Department                                                                                                                                                                   Semester/Term/Year:

Please rate the teacher on the following attributes using the 4- point scale shown

Very GoodGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactory


Name of the Teacher:


S.NoParametersVery GoodGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactory
1.Knowledge base of the teacher (as perceived by you)    
2.Communication Skills (in terms of articulation and comprehensibility)    
3.Sincerity/commitment of the teacher    
4.Interest generated by the teacher    
5.Ability to integrate course material with environment/other issues, to provide a broader perspective    
6.Ability to integrate content with other courses    
7.Accessibility of the teacher in and out of the class (includes availability of the teacher to motivate further study and discussion outside class)    
8.Ability to design quizzes /tests/assignments/examinations and projects to evaluate students understanding of the course    
9.Provision of sufficient time for feedback    
10.Overall rating